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Happy Halloween

Thank you to all the parents who sent in items for our party.  We had a lot of fun!

Pre-k did a great job of speaking in front of the class today. Those that made projects-  Way to go they were great!

Animal Expert Project

Student are bringing home a project for parents and students to work on together.  Each child will have an animal report paper and fact sheet.  They are to become an “expert” on their animal and will be telling the class about their animal the week of April 18th.

Have fun with your child. I ask for the basic report form to come back with your child, but you can be creative and make posters, diorama or whatever you would like. Look of additional info on the web or at the library.  Each child will get to be the reporter and present their work to the class. Please return reports by April 15th.


We have been learning about how things change, so we traced one of our classmates and made a life size kid. 

We have started learning to write our names.  A name tracing paper will be coming home soon, if you have not already seen it.  Pre-K only learners to write capitals. Therefore, their name will be in capitals and they can transition to lower case when they are taught to write them in kindergarten.  
The tracing papers are from a website that is listed on the bottom of the paper.  You may want to print one practice pages at home or work on their last name over the summer.

Last Names

We will be learning to recognize and spell our last names.  Please practice at home.