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Welcome to 5th Grade at David Brewer Elementary School for the 2017-2018 school year! My name is Julie Roth, and I am very excited to have you in my class this year. I have a lot of exciting things planned for our class! Please check back to this website often for updated class information throughout the year.

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SPIRIT WEEK October 2-6

District Wide Spirit week!! Support our High School/Homecoming Game !! 
Monday : Movie/Book Character
Tuesday: Hat Day
Wednesday : Crazy Sock Day
Thursday: Throwback Day 
Friday: Pioneer Spirit Day

Book Report Reminder

Book Reports will be due before you know it! September 28th is almost here! Get those book reports done! :)

 Our class used our engineer skills to build Marble Run Roller Coasters.  We invited Mrs. Lott's 2nd graders to come and test them out!
 1st Book Report Due September 28th 
Paper Bag Book Report

First, you need to get a brown paper bag. I have furnished one per child. If they lose it, they
will need to provide another for themselves to use.

Front Cover: 15 points (Must include ALL of these items!) 
● the title
● the author
● an illustration showing an important event in the book
● a caption explaining the illustration
● your name

Back Side:  Summary 15 points 
Summarize the main events in chronological order. Stick to the main ideas and avoid getting sidetracked by details. Be sure to include the beginning, middle, and end.

Left Side:  Setting: 10 points 
Where and when the story took place and include an illustration

  Problem: 10 points 
Explain what the main problem was in the story.

Right Side:  3 Main Characters: 15 points 
Include illustrations and descriptions of the main characters in your book.

Inside the Bag: 15 points 
Place 5 items in the bag that represent a connection to the text. It can be real items or items drawn on paper and cut out.

Oral Presentation: (Stand up straight, eye contact, & presentation voice) 20 points  You will introduce your title and author of your book. You will explain the problem in your story and how the 5 items relate to your story. Also, tell us your opinion of the book. Would you recommend a friend to read it or not? Why or why not?

Take your time… neatness counts!
Book Report: _____________ 100 points