David Brewer Elementary School

Welcome to 5th grade!

Welcome to Fifth Grade.  This is going to be a great year learning and exploring through reading, math, social studies and science.
Though having grown up in New Mexico, I am a graduate of Kansas State University.  Having spent the past 20+ years living a nomadic life as a military spouse and mother of three boys, I am finally ready to settle down and put down roots.
In fifth grade we continue to grow our reading and spelling abilities.  In math we work on long division and build up to adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing both decimals and fractions.  For science we will explore forces and motion, chemical and physical properties, food chains and webs, and more.
I look forward to fun and exciting year!

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5th Grade STEM

STEM club played around making music using Makey Makey kits to reprogram bananas, gummy worms, and even each other to be keys on a piano.